04 November 2011


. . . is the Swedish term for the base in pair acrobatics. The base, usually a man, is the one who lifts and supports, overshadowed by his partner’s acrobatic skills. Under in Swedish also means wonder or miracle. Quote from Cirkus Cirkör.

I've been obsessed with Cirkus Cirkör (a contemporary circus company from Sweden) ever since I stumbled upon their website a couple of years ago. I'm dying to see them perform in person.  Oh, if they only came to Montreal! Can anyone reading this post make it happen? Undermän is their latest production currently touring in Sweden.  The whole lumberjack look cracks-me up! Check out the video below. . .the triadic melancholic storyline is uniquely fabulous and real.

Image below borrowed from here.
. . .Undermän is a documentary contemporary circus show that does not only share spectacular acts and the stories of missing what once was. It is a performance where the artists stand in front us, here and now, as themselves, and give everything they've got to reach their dream of letting go, having fun, throwing themselves into the unknown and trusting life to catch them. . .Quote from the director, Olle Strandberg

ENSEMBLE: Mattias Andersson + Peter Åberg + Matias Salmenaho

MUSIC BY: Andreas Tengblad . . . the "troubadour" of the story?

Idea and direction: Olle Strandberg Producer: Lisen Boalt Technical producer: Stefan Karlström Lighting design: Eero Auvinen Lighting technician: Kamilla Hultman Sound technician: Felicia Hamberg Tour manager: Emma Therkelson Photography: Mats Bäcker

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Isabel said...

I know it's a old post... I found your blog by searching for Underman show.. and saw that you were dying to see them in Mtl.
I hope you went to see them since they were part of Montreal Complètement Cirque this week-end.