Curated by Viviana de Loera

Hello,  you can call me Vivi.

I'm a multidisciplinary artist with a degree in Architecture. I was born in México, grew up in sunny L.A. and I currently dwell in Montréal. 

CosmopolitanSugar is an online exhibit about everything I find worthy of reverence. The weekly posts are greatly guided by the unique urban fabric of Montreal and its cultural potpourri of inhabitants.

(plus) Current aspirations (and serendipitous encounters) have influenced the recent launch of CosmoTHIS!, a special edition project of CosmopolitanSugar featuring a collection of curated topics for the multidisciplinary professional. Please note that you will find the CosmoTHIS! posts weaved between my daily Cosmo posts; however, they will be tagged for your convenience under the corresponding topic. 

Welcome like-minded readers. I thank you in advance for forgiving those occasional spelling(dash)grammar errors...

Viviana de Loera
Curator of CosmopolitanSugar
Someday, I will represent Mexico in La Biennale di Venezia
collaborate with  Pedro Almodóvar, 
and publish an illustrated travel guide.