17 November 2011

The haute bohémienne...Loulou de la Falaise (4 May 1948 - 5 November 2011)

I used last weekend's copy of the Financial Times as a base-membrane inside Babas Bohème's cage earlier this week, and this morning, as I was cleaning the shredded remnants, she highlighted a story I had somehow missed titled, The haute bohémienne with an innate approach to fashion. It was an obituary for Loulou de la Falaise, (model, muse and jewelry designer) who passed away Saturday, November 5, 2011 at the age of 63. Now, I must admit that I had no idea who she was before this morning...how? I don't know...but what a family tree. . .Thank you Babas!

Quote under picture of Loulou with YSL, 
Legend has it that she was baptized not with water but with Schiaparelli's famous perfume, "Shocking".

Here are a few fast facts about Loulou. . .but warning, there are so many more.

She was born Louise Vava Lucia Henriette Le Bailly de la Falaise. WOW!
Her father was Alain de la Falaise, a French aristocrat and her mother was Maxime de la Falaise, 
   a model and fashion muse herself for Elsa Schiaparelli and an Andy Warhol socialite.
Loulou de la Falaise was a friend and inspirational muse to Yves Saint Laurent.
Her first marriage in 1966 (AT THE AGE OF 18!) was to Desmond FitzGerald, the Irish Knight of Glin.
Her second marriage in 1977 was to Thadée Klossowski de Rola, son of the French artist Balthus.

I feel like a need to read a book about her life...too many incredible details.  the guardian published an informative obituary, read here.
Image below of Loulou by photographer, Richard Avedon, 1970.


Kelly said...

What a lovely find;) xo

Vivi said...

I know, I really need to explore this serendipitous collaboration with Babas. Kys