07 November 2011

Café de flore...

If the film, Café de flore, (by the Québécois director, Jean-Marc Vallée) comes to your local theater, I strongly recommend you go see it. I recently made time to watch this film and Vanessa Paradis completely blew me away.  The film has two parallel stories; one takes place in present-day Montreal and the other in 1969 Paris.  To be honest, I wish Vallée had just focused on the Paris script, because even though the Montreal scenes were beautifully shot, they are distracting.  BUT, Vanessa Paradis's performance makes the film completely worth it and unforgettable.  She plays, Jacqueline, a mother who is wholly devoted to her son with down-syndrome. . .an intense and cathartic mother-son relationship. WOW! 

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Anonymous said...

Danke für den Hinweis. Wo kann ich den Film sehen ? Gibt es schon eine DVD ?
Best regards from Germany,