28 November 2011

En algún lugar de China...

"Someplace in China"

Recently, I've been tempted to start a book collection of children's books.  Many are  so beautifully illustrated and well written, that it almost seems like they're designed more for the parents than for the young ones...or for book lovers like me with no kids, but who admire unique illustrations.  Bravo to those adventurous publishers!

I share with you a few images I stumbled upon last week belonging to the book, En algún lugar de China. It's part of a project launched by the author, Ana Folgueira and the illustrator, Emilio Amade. (Founders of Syllabus Ediciones). The book describes, in an illusory manner, how children are adopted from an orphanage in China with the help of magical birds. It's designed to bring awareness and funding for the many orphaned children living in China today.  I believe the book only exists in Spanish at the moment. . .but just look at those colorful pages!  A great gift for any child. . .no matter what language they speak.

For more info, visit the official site here.  (Get a friend to translate it for you if you don't speak/read Spanish!)

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