30 November 2011

"MO" is Aussie slang for moustache...

Today is the last day of the 2011 MOVEMBER campaign.  I had never heard of this movement until I saw the poster below while touring the Moment Factory studio last week.   What's it about?  Well, every year, men around the world commit to growing and sporting a moustache during the 30 days in November to bring awareness, and raise research funds for the cruel reality of prostate cancer.  
As it turns out,  this is a global movement  launched in 2003 by some guys in Melbourne, Australia. I'm very impressed by the alluring style of the campaign. The MANLY HUNTER visual strategy is hysterical and genius!  I also love the The Craft and The Pride video series. Bravo for promoting the craft behind the man, it's just as important as health in my book! 
This is Canada's 5th Movember campaign and it grows bigger every year.  It's funny, at the beginning of the month, I though it was the latest dandy trend among Montreal hommes. . .sorry to say that it doesn't suit all men . . . Désolé! BUT I LOVE THE PLAYFUL DEVOTION!

Photos borrowed from the official site, click here.  
Also, check out the YouTube videos from The Craft and The Pride series, here...absolutely stunning production. 

The beautiful shots below were taken at a barber shop in København, Denmark in honor of the Danish Movember Campaign. Borrowed from here.

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