13 June 2011


Ok, so I caught the last hour or so of the Tony Awards last night.  It is silly, but I am still getting use to my new time zone.  Thankfully, the "rap-up" act at the end of the ceremony by Neil Patrick Harris was so fabulous that I immediately rushed to the official website to browse what I had missed.  
One of the winning creations, the WAR HORSE is another reason why I would love to go to NYC in the near future.  You can read more about the play here, but what is alluring to me is that the story is narrated by an English farm horse, Joey, as it survives on both sides of WWI.

My favorite fictional horse is Don Quixote's 'Rocinante' and 'Joey' brings him to live for me through these mesmerizing images. It is Puppetry at its best. I wonder if Cervantes ever considered telling the story of Don Quixote through the eyes of his most faithful companion, his horse Rocinante. 

Here is a great' behind the scenes' clip by fifty nine productions.

A few fast facts:

1. WAR HORSE premiered at the National Theatre in London in November of 2007.

2. Currently playing at the Lincoln Center Theater until January 2011. 

3. An adaptation from the novel by Michael Morpurgo.

4. Created in association with The Handspring Puppet Company and fifty nine productions.

5. Photography by Simon Annand.

6. Will be going to Toronto in 2012.

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