07 June 2011

Sanyi and Zsuzsi...

I am sorry for this super late post...busy busy busy...

A couple of weeks ago, Mark and I spent a few days at the Fekete family home in Ottawa.  I introduce you to Alex (Sanyi) and Susanna (Zsuzsi).  (fyi. . .my husband's Hungarian uncle and aunt from his father's side.) Sanyi and Zsuzsi have been married for 60+ years and their stories about life, their neighbors, the arts, politics et cetera were truly captivating. The images below reveal a few details from their lovely home.

Handsome couple, don't you think?  
I think I will adopt them as my grand-père and my grand-mère.

A few details. . . 
When Mark was a young boy, Sanyi built him wooden boats from the book below.

And yes, the many many books. . .
They were everywhere!  I was in heaven!  

Side Note: I really do need to read more.

And the delicious drinking and eating. . . 
Zsuzsi favors the Japanese Plum Wine. Sanyi prefers the Hungarian stuff.  
The plum wine was yummy!
And the garden...it was breathtaking!  
MISKA was their deeply adored black lab-sheperd mix companion.

I love the bird-bath... 

Thank you Sanyi and Zsuzsi for a fabulous weekend and our green babies. (below)

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