13 June 2011

The Library...

Nothing depresses me more than not having the means to buy books.  Yes, it is a personal addiction with no cure.  
This financial diet is truly heartbreaking, but to cheer me up, I turned to the local library.  To my surprise, Montréal's elegant library, 'La Grande Bibliothèque' has a rich selection of books.  It was inaugurated in April of 2005 and it still has that new fresh aroma...mmm.  (Unfortunately no photos allowed...I will keep trying to steal a few shots.)

A new library is wonderful, although, I do have to admit that I love that OLD library spirit!   I often pretend I am 'Holly Golightly' or 'Carrie Bradshaw' walking about the historic New York City Public Library. . . don't you? 

I am trying to read more these days...and watch less pointless TV. 
These are my current selections... 

1.  Maira Kalman's, And the Pursuit of Happiness.

2.  The Life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati.

3.  Rizzoli's, MUJI.

4.  Ann Coxon's, Louise Bourgeois  (by Tate Publishing).

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