30 June 2011


[S'il vous plaît, if it pleases you...]
I stumbled upon this picture today inside the Place-Des-Arts métro station. (I love this picture.) It is part of an ongoing photography exhibit in honor of Montréal's public transit workers.  Last month, historical pictures of the Tramway were on display and this month it is all about the Bus.  I am looking forward to the upcoming homage to the Metro.  
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Image: #23, 1961, Un employé de l'atelier de sérigraphie termine l'impression d'une pancarte, STM archives.

. . .

A few notable pics from last month's Tramway exhibit.

Oh, it was the winter of 1905. Funny antennas!

...then there was the year 1916, what in the world?

And then the roaring 20's, this image is absolutely hysterical.

In 1947, major work.  Can you imagine getting around the city like this? 

Please visit the official site from where I borrowed the images used for this post.  
Thank you STM for sharing these incredible moments with the public.

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