01 April 2011

“I no longer know what architecture is and what an architect should do...”

{Ya no sé lo que es la arquitectura ni qué debería hacer un arquitecto}
Quote by Luis Urculo Cámara from Madrid.

LUIS will be teaching a workshop, 'Beyond the paper' this August at Domaine de Boisbuchet (located in France).  If anybody wants to gift me this amazing experience, I will not refuse...
Luis Úrculo is my age (don't ask) and has been crafting an enviable profession for himself doing what he loves...merging his architectural foundation with other disciplines like design & technology. He has participated in several prestigious exhibitions, collaborated with Philippe Starck, and he was recently featured in FRAME magazine.

What am I doing wrong? Bravo Luis! Some talent is just meant to be GRAND...Visit his blog (official site is mostly in Spanish).

Image credits: Poster for Domaine de Biosbuchet workshop borrowed from here  Other images borrowed from here.

Video below with Luis in his home/studio in Spanish...(I will find time to translate a few lines soon) more videos here.

This one is fabulous...

Topic No.1: Innovative Conferences, Cosmo THIS! 

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