13 April 2011

But I am INSIDE officer...

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my friend, (also an influential mentor and role model) the incredibly talented artist Christina McPhee, included one of her pieces for a silent auction to benefit New York's, Storefront Art and Architecture.   I am almost embarrassed to admit that until a few days ago, I had no idea of Storefront's existence...what?  I know.  It has been around since 1982! Why am I making a big deal?  A few fast facts to give you an idea...for those of you who don't already know...
1] The mobil facade was designed by artist Vito Acconci and architect Steven Holl in 1993.
2] The Vice President of the Board of Directors is Charles Renfro.
3] The Board of Advisors list includes...Peter Cook, Elizabeth Diller, Toyo Ito, Brooke Hodge...and of course Steven Holl...among several others...
4] The facade was given a face lift in 2008...more info here.

Only in New York can this project be possible.  I can just imagine all of the bureaucratic [b.s.] involved in something like this.  Just look at that wall. The rotating partitions open onto the public sidewalk.  
In a presentation with Steven Hall and Vito Acconci, the moderator and former Storefront director, Joseph Grima, mentioned that at every vernissage, the attendees argue with the NYC police about what is considered inside and/or outside...having to do with the glass of vino in hand. . .I love it.

The photographs below are from Storefront's archives...more here.

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