03 January 2012

If ever there was a city designed to distract us from our troubles, it would be Paris...

...says Thomas Jefferson, played by Stephen Dillane, to John (Paul Giamatti) and Abigail (Laura Linney) Adams in the HBO series John Adams
This past weekend, I stumbled upon this HBO series while walking the aisles of my favorite movie rental spot here in Montreal (Boite Noire) and so far I'm enjoying it very much. Laura Linney's portrayal of Abigail Adams is brilliant. I don't know how historically accurate it is (can anything really be 100%?), but the acting is exceptional. The Paris scenes are delicious.

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danica said...

i need to watch this!!! thank for the tip.

happy 2012 vivi!

Vivi said...

I'm almost finished with it. I'm not a history or political fanatic, but its very interesting to try to understand the USA and why so many people, including me, feel like it's the only country where one can feel free.

Happy 2012! Keep blogging please. It would be wonderful to meet you someday. Do you want to be my Avis DeVoto?