02 December 2011

Part Two: Moment Factory. . .wish you were here!

Part One: Moment Factory. . .10 years of working hard and playing harder! click here.

Moment Factory celebrated 10 years of phenomenal growth and hard work last Saturday by throwing a SUPERPARTY.  Check out pictures of the party here.  Image below:The digital artist, Mateo M, created illuminated portraits of the guests using his digital light painting technique. 

Adam Hummell (aka DJ A-ROCK), one of the MF designers behind the huge pyramid installation exhibited at the party, was kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time to summarize his SUPERPARTY experience...

1. How did it feel seeing your pyramid installation come to life?
I think I let my contact lenses get a little too old, so what I saw could only be explained as the pyramids aura.  My view was so hazy and magical, I didn't even bother with eyedrops.  When we first lifted up the sides, it blew me away seeing how large it actually was, in comparison to the 3d models we built to visualize the room!!  With the sand, dust and smoke in the air, plus my contact lens issues, me and this pyramid definitely had our moment.  All this to say, I gave her my number, and she didn't call.

2. Where there any comments expressed by your peers or guests that made you recognize your idea was successfully executed? 
You could see it on peoples faces, I think people were generally blown away by the environment as a whole.  The entire room was an inspiration, and hands down one of the most memorable parties that I have ever been to.  I have a feeling a lot of people are sharing that same memory.  It felt natural and organic, nothing forced, and that was the vibe throughout the night.  The guests at the party didn't know what to expect, and I think they got a lot more than they could have imagined, just short of having the pyramid launch into the air, hover above our heads, while raining down a stream of sand, creating a temporary projection screen that you can walk through!!  ...um, look for us in 2021.

Picture of party (above) and shot (below) of Adam Hummell aka DJ A-ROCK courtesy of Moment Factory.

As I walked around Moment Factory's studio a few days before the SUPERPARTY, I couldn't help but reminisce about those long yet unforgettable days in architecture school.  The rushed meals, the inspirational quotes to keep me going, the MANY cups of coffee, and the playful diversions to clear my head after those intensely draining design charrettes . . . hmmm.  Believe it or not, this is the lifestyle of the MF staff, but they love it because demanding creativity pays off!  The pictures below highlight a few details that caught my eye...enjoy!

The genius of Moment Factory comes from the intense dedication of its multi-disciplinary staff and the vivid imagination of its founders, Sakchin Bessette, Dominic Audet and Eric Fournier, who you see below, recently featured in an article published by the Gazette.  Click here to read the article.

FYI: The quote, If you can't solve a problem, its because you're playing by the rules!comes from the amazing book, by Paul Arden titled, IT'S NOT HOW GOOD YOU ARE, ITS HOW GOOD YOU WANT TO BE. (MF has quotes from this book displayed all around their studio.)

Merci Beaucoup, Moment Factory, for allowing me to peak into your creative world!

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