14 December 2011

piece by piece...

Some of you will recognize that I've been making a few visual changes to Cosmo, I hope you like. It's for a reason...
I started blogging in 2009 with no specific purpose or direction (which was ok at the time), but now I want a more curated experience both for me and those of you who enjoy reading my random thoughts.  Basically, Montreal, the city where I currently dwell, will have a stronger presence; And, I will allow it (and only it) to influence & guide those miscellaneous posts from around the world. Well, I will give it a try anyway...After all, Montreal is very Cosmopolitan!  

Welcome, passersby, and merci beaucoup to my loyal readers!

The image above is not of Montreal, it's of Los Angeles, a city I love to hate and called home for many years. Oh, those palm trees! The sketch is by the artist, Chris Dent.  His urban illustrations are very Calvinoesque in my eyes. Image borrowed from here.

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