28 July 2011

I want two babushkas...

I am fascinated and overjoyed with illustration-graffiti artists that give life to those exterior architectural details that often go unnoticed. 

I stumbled upon these images belonging to the artist Stanislava Pinchuk (aka MISO) currently living in Melbourne, Australia this morning and I just fell in love with her street compositions.  There is something very poetic about the babushka like illustrations framing the neighborhood doors.  Truly sigh provoking!

Photos borrowed from MISO's official site.


CameraCarioca said...

Of course I love that! Thanks,this shows the marvels of blog-following...love- Jorgeroliz

Vivi said...

Yes, I agree. Somedays I hate that I am over-hooked with blog navigating...but the things I discover are truly priceless.