19 July 2011

Gaultier inspires Montréal...

I lived and survived the Pinkarnaval festivities this past weekend.  
This year, the theme was Jean Paul Gaultier. . .in conjunction with his current exhibit in Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts, From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. (NOTE: Photography is allowed, pictures of my visit coming soon). 

First came the hysterical parade. All of my pictures are out of focus because my camera was out of control, but I am showing them to you anyway because the blurry shots depict the madness perfectly.
Then came the public dance party (under lightning-rain) with the Québécoise D.J./model Ève Salvail (D.J. Evalicious). She was amazing! I also got to see the honoree himself. Monsieur Gaultier was very French but enchanting.

And yes, that is a giant inflatable "Madonna" bra tied to a giant balloon and a delightful Mademoiselle (who posed for me) wearing one. We all had one in the 90's, didn't we?

Reds, pinks and nautical stripes. . .oh my!

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