13 March 2011

For no particular reason...

Image above: Pina Bausch, 1966 by deSingel International Arts Campus

Images: 1.by flickr account: Mars Hsu  2.Original source unknown  3.Pina performing "Café Müller"original source unknown.  4.Original source unknown  5.Pina "arrangement" by flickr account yufisher  6.from notmyshoot  7.Pina poster, image from flickr account Even  8.Pina performing "Café Müller"original source unknown.

For no particular reason, I just felt like remembering Pina Bausch today.
Do you ever find yourself missing someone you've never met? Sometimes all it takes is a moment, an unexplained connection with someone's art, performance, style, etcetera, and your life is just not the same again.  
I fell in love with this amazing German choreographer/dancer while watching Pedro Almodóvar's 2002 film, Hable Con Ella (experienced for the first time in Copenhagen's Dagmar Teatret).  The opening scene is Pina Bausch performing her 1978 piece,  Café Müller. After I read the word FIN, I smiled and realized that Pina's intro to the story is simply a necessary and unforgettable component to this penetrating film. 

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