21 March 2011

Cada Mañana...

I have been watching the news everyday for the past 10 days and the tragic phenomenon in Japan has me emotionally paralyzed.  I am frustrated because it is impossible to relate.  I mean, how does one identify with overnight homelessness & loss in addition to the continuing madness?  I began to wonder, how often do we allow our mornings to transpire without recognition? Well to those in northeastern Japan, the phrase 'every morning' has a different meaning these days. 

This morning, I recalled the beautiful photographic narratives titled [every morning] by Nanako Koyama from Tokyo, Japan. I first came across her work through the fabulous blog, oh hello there a few weeks ago. They are simple images of 'mornings' in different parts of the world. I find them very cathartic.  
If you look at each shot carefully, you will begin to notice those tiny identifiable details...the iMac in the background, the curious black feline, the empty bottles of wine, the delicious fruit bowl for breakfast, the tiny but fabulous dining table...We are really not that different from Midori, Cristina, Asia or Stefan, are we?

TODAY. TOMORROW, THE NEXT DAY...make sure you enjoy your mornings to the fullest.  We owe it to those, who for the moment, do not have the same luxury. After all, today it's Japan, but someday it might be closer to home...

The photographs below are my favorite, but I encourage you to check out Nanako's entire series.

Midori, Japan

Cristina, Portugal
Asia & Stefan, Poland

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