20 March 2011

Can one separate THE brilliance from the MAN?

Most of you are probably already aware of the incomprehensible news regarding John Galliano's libated Hitler rants (?) on film. I mean even CNN and Jon Stewart had their say on this matter a couple of weeks ago. If you have browsed through my fashion posts, then you know that I am a fan of Mr. Galliano's brilliance, which is why this situation has me so perplexed.  I am not aware of what triggered the diatribe against the Parisian women filming his rants. I want to believe that his theatrical persona was momentarily devoured by a dark, pissed-off, and irritated force.  So. . .I am left with one question, Can one separate THE brilliance from THE man? . . . Dior answered by firing him. I am not sure where I stand. Perhaps I will simply put my admiration on hold for now.  Google the story if you want to know the details.

Photo from Paris Fashion Week, "Backstage John Galliano" 2010 borrowed from Jak & Jil.

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