03 February 2011

where are the tiny people?

Thank you Mr. Sunshine for a beautiful Montréal day. It almost seems like yesterday's squall of piercing snow never happened. I am ready for Spring, aren't you? Before going to bed last night, I checked my gmail.  I opened my weekly update from Pinterest and under the category, boards you might enjoy, I spotted a thumbnail of a tiny house from the ETSY shop, The Oak Leaves...and well...hence this post. The seller is Christina from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I hope she doesn't mind but I just have to share with you a portion of her profile...she writes, 

my name is christina.
i am 26 years old. 
im married to stephen. 
we have three cats and a dog. 
in our little house. 
where i attempt to be an artist. sometimes.

I admire everything about this shop. From the profile, to the care she takes in describing every item she sells, to the whimsical pictures...the Martinelli's apple juice jar, the egg shells...to the specially selected toys...I am beyond delighted.  The tiny houses are perfect for those terrarium projects...all they need is tiny people...lumberjacks, school children, milkmaids...more ideas HERE.

from the top: 1)Apple Terrarium No.103 (sold)   2) Terrarium Accent, City No.3 (sold)   3) Shelf City No.233   4)Shelf City Rowhouses No.1 (sold)   5)Foothill 1(sold)   6)Terrarium No.36 (sold) 7)Terrarium No. 56 (sold)   9)Shelf City   10)Colonial Home NO.25 (sold) 

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