08 February 2011

Bastille Day. Paris. 1970.

Until about a month ago, I had never heard of Rufus Wainwright.  I stumbled upon one of his songs one evening while listening to KCRW's Eclectic24.  I wrote his name in my sketchbook an then put him aside for later.  A few days ago, Mark and I were at Boite Noire scouting around for films to rent for the week and I came across the documentary, Rufus Wainwright PRIMA DONNA, the story of an Opera.  I rented it out of curiosity.  Seven days later, I realized that we had yet to watch the film and it had come time to return it...well I played it for about five minutes and then I stopped it.  I called Mark at work and told him that I was not going to return the movie because he just had to watch it with me.  We didn't mind paying the late fee the next day because it turned out to be a fabulous film.   I am not going to summarize the film...but believe me...Rufus is a character! (As some of you might already know).  And yes...this "pop" (I use this word loosely) singer did create an OPERA..the real thing...not a music video or movie about an Opera...AN OPERA...rent the documentary.  Better yet, start saving now and let's go to the New York City Opera in the Spring of 2012...hint hint Kelly. I am now a Rufus fan.  If Wikipedia's facts about Mr. Wainwright are correct, we share the same birth date...so he is probably moody, gregarious when he wants to be...but phenomenally an ARTIST...Today I purchased his 2002 album, Poses from itunes...it is lovely.

Synopsis: An opera (with a French librettoabout the diva, Régine Saint Laurent, a soprano who loses her voice and six years later attempts a return to the stage. It is set on Bastille Day in 1970 Paris. 

: Rufus Wainwright was born in Rhinebeck, New York but grew up in Montréal
Prima Donna first premiered in Manchester's 2009 International Festival.  NOTE: Why didn't Prima Donna premiere in Montréal?
: Read Interview's article, "Rufus Wainwright, Curtains Pulled"
: Read article from The New York Times"The Diva has Issues"
: Photos by Clive Barda.  Billboard by I want design.

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