20 January 2011

Stockholm's DANDY...

Where:  Nordiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden. ON display until May 1, 2011.
Work by:  Björn of Kleen, Christian Quaglia, Goran Sundberg, Lalle Johnson, Olof Enckell and Frederik Andersen & Rickard Lindqvist. . . vote for your favorite here.

some image details from form us with love, photography by Jonas Lindström.
others from the Nordiska Museet's website.

The displays are hysterical...Nordic humor mixed with fashion...
It would be fascinating to have designers from all over the world create a "dandy" outfit...L.A. dandy, San Francisco dandy, Mexico City dandy... wow...big smile on my face!!
. . . is your man dandy?

Oscar Wilde (A19th century literary dandy, author of "A Picture of Dorian Gray") wrote, 
One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art...
 I think I agree...don't you?

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