12 January 2011

Buckminster needs a visionary philanthropist...for his sphere.

The exhibit, ONE : Outfits from a New Era (O.N.E. | Objets Non Enfouis) is now part of the Biosphère's permanent collection.  I shot a few details of my favorite pieces: (from the top): 1Caustic Swimsuit by Jennifer Bergeron (a.k.a. LeCha);  2 | 3Dress the Part by Isabelle Bérubé;  4Haute couture 2.0 by Cul-de-sac's Mélissa Turgeon;  5Bullet Dress by Geneviève Dumas and Geneviève Flageol;  (NOTE: I dedicate this one to Sarah Palin) 6. Hairdress by By Roxane Cheibes and Amélie Bruneau Longpré.
If you live in Montréal and you have not been to the Bio lately, this exhibit is a good reason to visit the Buckminster jewel.  I love this piece of architecture but for some reason, locals don't seem to share my passion.  Every time I visit, there are only a handful of people in attendance.  If I had philanthropic means I would do wonders with this icon. 

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