24 November 2010

Ressaisissez-vous, COMARADE!

Have you seen this Halls' cough drops campaign around your local bus stops or metro/subway?  (Designed by the firm JWT out of New York).
Every time I bump into them I just laugh.  I find them disturbing yet amusing.  To me it is very Euro. It is a campaign I would not be surprised to see in Copenhagen or Berlin, for example, because of its comical presentation.  I mean just look at the wardrobe?  What is Halls trying to say, that Halls costumers should revive the fashion of the 1970's? And the slogans, "Fair Lady"  "Partner"  "Good Lady".... what?  
I finally decided to snap a few shots of some examples here in Montréal to share with you.  

The first 3 pictures I shot and the last four posters are from JWT. 

Note: I personally prefer Ricola.

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