29 November 2010

Lost and Found...

This is the beautiful work of German artist, Thorsten Brinkmann.  These images are my inspiration for the week. I am very impressed with the way he composes theatrical postures with found objects.  The artistry behind the arrangement of colors and textures is gorgeous.  I can vividly contemplate an entire conversation among all of his characters. I especially enjoy the intentional titles he gives them...titles like Lady Gittersky, Henry Van Ed, Berta von Schwarzflug.  His work is a perfect symbiosis of couture, sculpture, performance and portraiture.  I would love to visit his studio.  I can imagine a fascinating play where all of the characters have their heads covered...or better yet a fashion show.  Has Marc Jacobs ever used the Louis Vuitton bags for hats or face masks?..ok...I know, it is very Elsa Schiaparelli. 

Some of the images above are from his series, 'Portraits of a Serialsammler.' (2006-2010...ongoing)

"In his fantastical oeuvre, the German artist Thorsten Brinkmann moves between painting, photography, sculpture, readymade, collage and performance. Thorsten Brinkmann (b. 1971, Herne) is an active collector. In Hamburg, his place of residence, he has a huge shed filled with found objects. Everything that can be found at a flea market will be found in Thorsten Brinkmann’s collection: ruined wardrobes, lampshades, side tables, clothing and more. From this collection he freely draws-out items for use in his installations, sculptures, videos and photos. Hereby Brinkmann subtly indicates to us the shallow and nonchalant manner in which we, in our society, deal with objects." Elisa Platteau Galerie, Belgium.

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