30 November 2010

...it goes round and round...

I do not know how to ride a bike...my patient husband tried teaching me this past summer with a Montréal Bixi, but I need more practice.  I just never learned when I was a young girl.  One can look quite chic riding a bike.  I must learn to ride...perhaps by next summer. 

I love Denmark, check out the upcoming Copenhagen wheel. The project was unveiled last year at the COP15 United Nations Climate Conference. It was devised and developed by the SENSEable City Lab for the Kobenhavns Kommune and it will be available June 2011 for about $600.00 US.  
I think it is very Danish...spotless design.  When I lived in Copenhagen, it was amazing to see gorgeous women and men riding their bikes with sharp outfits...the women with heels, in the snow!!  

The Copenhagen Wheel would be a great addition to the Bixi...hint..hint  

NOTE: Pictures by Max Tomasinelli

The COPENHAGEN WHEEL. . ."It transforms ordinary bicycles quickly into hybrid e-bikes that also function as mobile sensing units. The Copenhagen Wheel allows you to capture the energy dissipated while cycling and braking and save it for when you need  a bit of a boost. It also maps pollution levels, traffic congestion, and road conditions in real-time."

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