11 February 2012

Learning French with Monsieur Lagerfeld...

If you're a subway-reading-urbanite like me, then you probably browsed through the pages of the metro: Karl Lagerfeld-Special Edition issue printed on Tuesday (February 7, 2012) of this week in several cosmopolitan cities throughout the world. Montreal's version is published in French, of which I have much appreciation for, because it feeds that tiny hard working part of my brain eagerly desiring to parler fran├žais.

If you're not a Lagerfeld fan, well then you probably didn't enjoy the issue as much as I did, but I loved how his sketches and bona fide commentary of world affairs were scattered throughout the pages from beginning to end.  I had a special smirk on my face when I came across President Obama's drawing with the complementary quote, "please, once again with feeling! " (ditto, I say) .

But the note that really made me laugh was Monsieur Lagerfeld's take on the M.I.A. faux pas during last Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show. He basically stated that the young people of today do it often, that it's not a polite thing to do, a bad habit.  I found it humorous because one, metro asked him to comment on this overblown stunt, two, he answered, and three, consequently, I learned the French phrase for "flipping the bird" which is "le doigt d'honneur" (the finger of honor!)  I love French, so hysterically honest.
Overall, it was a creative and unique issue. Thank you metro, keep the special editions coming. 

Shots of my copy below, a complete PDF format of the original printed version can be viewed here.

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