27 September 2011

a nomadic dancer...Paul-André Fortier.

Paul-André Fortier is in Montreal for 30 days performing his piece, Solo 30 x 30

CONCEPT:  A site-specific 30 minute routine lasting 30 consecutive days.  
WHEN: September 22 - Octobre 21, 2011 (5:15pm - 5:45pm)
WHERE: Espace Georges-Émile-Lapalme, Place des Arts, Montreal, Quebec.

It's truly inspirational to witness the dedication of this talented man while he performs.  At first, I was not sure why he had chosen this particular site, but after reviewing my pictures, I can appreciate the way in which the existing skylight frames the intentionally outlined stage. 

Enjoy the snapshots I took here and there while trying not to miss the performance too much. My favorite captured shot is of M. Fortier's blurry figure above, because it reveals a sense of spiritual bravery. It reminds me of Alberto Giacometti's breathtaking sculptural figure, Striding Man, featured below.

NOTE: Unfortunately, I was was not able to see the performance all 30 days, but managed to make time for 5 performances. 

Photo Credits: I believe this Giacometti piece is titled "Striding Man" (1960) but I stumbled upon this image without info.  If you know where this piece resides please let me know.
All other pictures featured in this post © Viviana de Loera.

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