18 May 2011

A French class, number 2 pencils and old-school craft...

I have been preoccupied with a new endeavor, the task of learning French...compliments of the province of Québec. All immigrants are strongly encouraged to learn the official language = free classes, yes please!  And this is no joke, the classes are 6 hrs/day, 5 days a week, for about 2 months for level 1. (Other levels also available for free).  I have about 3-4 different instructors throughout the week.  It is really quite impressive.

I suddenly found myself in need of #2 pencils.  While shopping at my favorite stationery store, papeterie nota bene, I came upon a stack of 
Field Notes pencils with the following inscription:   About the pencil: Lacquer-free, renewable Cal-Cedar Wood Casing, Recyclable Aluminum Ferrule, Enviro-Green Degradable Eraser and Certified Non-Toxic Imprint Inks.  I immediately thought, "...this sounds like something Made in Oregon".  I bought a few and because I possess an inquisitive mind, I googled the name.  It turns out that Field Notes is from Portland, Oregon. (Created by the Draplin Design Coin collaboration with Coudal Partners). The man responsible...Aaron Draplin. Read more here.  
The pencils work great, but the Vimeo videos below (thanks Coudal Partners) . . . WOW . . . they motivated me to share this find with you...Contemporary old-school Craft at its best! 

IMAGE credits:  Aaron Draplin pic borrowed from House Industries. Other images borrowed from here. COLORS image borrowed from official site.

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