21 October 2010

Elle est originaire de Montréal...

Jessica Paré was introduced to us Mad Men fans as Megan Calvet this season and I think she is an entrancing addition to the series.  For one thing, I love that she is a French Canadian playing a French Canadian.  Her French is authentic and glacé.  She brings an air of sophistication to the show and to Don Draper's life.  I especially enjoy that her beauty is not perfect...she is not Barbie-Betty and this is refreshing.  Will she marry Don?. . . I am curious to see how her presence will affect the other female characters . . . especially Peggy.  
Does she really admire Peggy or will she play dirty and stomp on Peggy's career? Is it really about who you marry?

I believe Season 4 ends in the year 1965-66. . . can I wishfully predict that in the upcoming Season 5, the Mad Men writers will take the opportunity to honor the city of Montréal (and its new belle femme) by depicting the city's most spectacular event in its history. . . the World's Fair of 1967:EXPO 67?. . . ok, so I'm dreaming, maybe.  Will they film in Montréal? hmmm...

NOTES:  B/W photo of Jessica Paré from the September 16, 2010 issue of Rolling Stone.

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