17 August 2010

Thank you Paul Giambarba.

Mad Men makes me smile, hysterically laugh, sigh and at times vey upset...but I am completely enamored with the cast, writers and overall concept. One of my favorite aspects of the the show is the very intentional & historically relevant 'product placement.'  A couple of weeks ago in Episode 2, Season 4 ( year 1964-65 ) I was very pleased to see that POLAROID made this season's script. Polaroid's automatic 100 series cameras were very popular in the 1960's and in the year 1963 the first color instant film was released.  
Paul Giambarba designed the packaging for the entire automatic 100 series line...and really for its evolving look well into the 70's...and recently he took part in the packaging design for the Impossible Project's re-launching of instant film.  Thank you Paul..I salute you! 
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"We came to the conclusion that Polaroid would be better off if we didn't paint ourselves into a corner with a logo that might be appropriate for a few years, then less so as time went on. The first order of business was to create a brand name image that people could remember and correctly pronounce: Pola-roid, not Poy-la-rode. Next, we should have signage at every retail outlet that was clean and classy."  Paul Giambarba

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Thanks for breaking me out of the loop of fashion/cocktail inspired Mad men posts. xo