10 August 2010


Photographs from my Pinterest board, Beyond Couture.
Ok...so I meant to elaborate a few days ago about this addictive little project I have created for myself... I call it 'Beyond Couture' because I am interested in gathering unique photographs that go beyond "trendy fashion." Images that cry out craft & one-of-a-kind and that illustrate how the art of 'dressmaking' has evolved through other disciplines.  I have so far discovered that this artistry has shaped photography, architecture, sculpture, contemporary art installations, cinema, performing arts...etc...and I find successful "interdisciplinary" influence extremely stimulating.  Funny enough...I have discovered that I am especially attracted to the creative use of 'hats' or 'head-pieces' and here are a few examples...If you are curious for more check out my Pinterest board HERE.

From top to bottom: [1. Designer: Bahar Alipour (2009 Graduate from the London College of Fashion);  [2. John Galliano, 2004-05;  [3. Isabella Blow with Chinese Garden headdress by Philip Treacy, 2005 AND Frida Kahlo with a typical Frida head piece.  [4.  Korean Pop-singer BoA with head piece by Graham Tabor, 2009-10;  [5. CuldeSac and Studio Marisol, 2010 AND From fashion exhibition 'Gone With the Wind' in Holland Museum, 2009 AND Anthony McQueen AW 2010;  [6.  Louisa Brooks, 1920 AND Vivienne Westwood 2006 exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art;  [7. Graham Tabor headpiece AND 'Lady Grey' Vogue Italia, 2010 by photographer Tim Walker;  [8. Photograph by Steven Meisel.

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