17 August 2012

Summer reading...

Do you see a theme?...
Ever since I moved to Montreal, I've become very curious about the art of writing. I want to be a more informed blogger, improve my writing skills, and learn as much as I can from inspiring literary masters. 
Possible career change? (you ask). . .well, my intrigue is more for personal enrichment - for now. In the meantime, I'm surrounding myself with insightful (+ amusing) publications, and rounding up a wondrously selective palette of iconic storytellers from the colossal world of literature.

List above:
A Writer's Paris by Eric Maisel
The Other Paris and Montreal Stories by Mavis Gallant
Microscripts by Robert Walser
A quarterly magazine of art and culture, Cabinet (Issue 45, Games, Spring 2012)
The Elements of Style  by William Strunk Jr. + E. B. White  -  Illustrated by Maira Kalman
ZOETROPE ALL-STORY: Special One-Act Play Issue (Winter 2000) + The Horror Issue (Fall 2011)

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