28 July 2012

A visual archive of C2-MTL 2012 à la Pinterest

As some of you know, I recently had the privilege of being part of the C2-MTL 2012 team. I worked on several incredible projects before, during and after the event, and in the course of the post-mortem evaluation phase, I was given the green light to construct an especially  unique undertaking, which I'm ecstatic to finally share with you. 

My incredibly-talented-supervising collaborators allowed me to create a visual archive - via  Pinterest - using the plethora of images shot by a group of brilliant photographers hired to document the C2-MTL 3-day experience.  After weeks of categorizing, shifting, pinning, configuring, repinning - etcetera - I can honestly say that I'm very proud of this self-induced project. Check out the C2-MTL Pinterest boards HEREI invite you to browse, comment and follow. If you attended the conference and have images you would like to share with the C2-MTL team, please contact me

Thank you to the C2-MTL team for allowing me to exercise my playful eye!

The planning for next year's conference is already underway. I strongly encourage you to consider attending the event's second year, taking place in May of 2013! Visit C2-MTL's official site HERE for details.

Image Credits 
+ (top) Moment Factory Installation at C2-MTL 2012 - reset button © Karel Chladek / C2-MTL. Read article, "A tunnel open for open minds" (about installation) written by Josée Noiseux HERE.  
+ (bottom) C2-MTL Pinterest boards curated by me.

Topic No.1: Innovative Conferences, Cosmo THIS!

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