08 June 2012

The planning and execution of a business conference...

C2-MTL 2012 is almost coming to its fin.  I say almost, because even though the actual event concluded the morning of the 25th of May (two weeks ago today to be exact), there are still details pending: post-mortem reports to be typed, until next time(s) and merci beaucoup(s) to be said, invoices to be paid, rentals to be returned (unharmed ideally), sleep to catch-up on, family to acknowledge once again, and many many more quelque choses...

A few of us, behind-the-scenes, are just starting to come out of that jet-lagged feeling. If you've ever lived through the construction or renovation of a house, the planning of a wedding (even a small one), a permanent relocation to an unfamiliar land, the birth of a baby, trained for a triathlon, etcetera, well, multiply that by 100 or more. That's how exhausted many of us feel - combined. If you're a circus performer or ringmaster,  then maybe only you can fully grasp the love-hate relationship one can develop for such a grandiose undertaking - such as the planning and execution of a business conference. . .only different!

There were times when I wanted to scream and just cry endlessly, but not because of lack of devotion - but because my entire body and brain could no longer function properly. No matter how much coffee I drank, my physical exhaustion was just too monumental. I pleaded for more energy - "No please - toes and fingers - don't give up just yet" (I found myself thinking at times).

Because there was just too much at stake

Find creative answers to commercial questions! (the conferences's mantra would often cry out inside my head). . .
and that I (WE) did. . .many times over. And yet, I can't wait to do it all over again next year, but after a much deserved and restful break...(smiling). . .right team?  

I leave you with a quote from THE ringmaster himself, Guy Laliberté. The Founder of Cirque du Soleil expressed as he stood on the C2-MTL stage,  "At the end, it’s a give and take. It’s feeding the circle of life, it’s feeding the circle of creativity, more you give, more you’ll get back. In the end it’s what I live on."

This post was inspired (with a dash of hyperbole) by those witnessed funny moments and overheard anecdotes (sometimes in French) from like-minded colleagues within the C2-MTL 2012 team.
Personal notes: Thank you Hanneke for that time you "pranced" yes "pranced" over to the printer; thank you Johanne for that delicious carrot at 10pm; Thank you Antoine for trying to feed me during the conference; Thank you Vivien Leung for existing- you're a true team player. (I'm still jealous you "concierged" Robert Wong)!; Thank you Caroline for not hanging up on me that time I answered your call with speedy Spanish (long long ago); Thank you to all of you that signed your email requests with a "thank you" or "merci" - always...

Topic No.1: Innovative Conferences, Cosmo THIS!


Antoine Roy Larouche said...

Tout le plaisir était pour moi Viviana! :-)

Merci à toi!

- Antoine

Nadia Lakhdari King said...

Bravo for making it through! :)

On June 15th we'll let it all out. :)

vivi0202 said...

That awkward 2 sec of me introducing myself while you thought I kept calling you was priceless ;-P

Job well done! Way to go Team Vivi!!