05 May 2012

16 days to go...

I've been crazy busy the past few weeks...I was recently hired to join the backstage team behind the upcoming business conference, Commerce + Creativity Montréal, C2-MTL

- How did this opportunity come my way, you ask?

Well, it all started with this blog. My Cosmo was discovered by une belle-femme-Québécoise (aka Julie Armstrong-Boileau), who introduced me to another belle-femme-Québécoise (aka Caroline Lavergne) that happened to be looking for English-writing bloggers. I use the word blogger instead of writer because I have incredible respect for those talented individuals who master the art of writing beautifully. I consider myself a mere literary hacker with a unique point of view, who makes occasional grammatical (forward slash) spelling errors, and who sometimes makes up words. 

So after a plethora of cover letters, ongoing job hunts, a temporary detour to Portland, Oregon (with no employment success), and a move to another country (Canada/Québec), it was this laissez-faire pastime that launched me once-again into the professional working world after 4 years! I would love nothing more than to reward my Cosmo with a new MacBook, but I don't make enough $ for this indulgence - yet.

I started as a blogger, and then I was offered the position of Content Visualization Coordinator, which makes me laugh every time I say it, because several of the people I work with find it challenging to pronounce the word visualizationtry it - it's a bit of a tongue twister. It's a huge improvement from my last official title, professional staff, don't you think? - given to me when I worked as an architectural designer - no less. I won't bore you with details about what I do, but I will say that I'm working with an exceptional group of creative professionals and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm constantly pinching myself, I still can't believe I'm a contributing piece to this amazing event (well a pawn really - but no complaints here). You'll understand why I'm expressing myself with such glee when you watch the video below...

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