18 April 2012

Imagine...with Jonah Lehrer

Most of us have been conditioned to think that creativity is an innate gift, a privy to an haute club of genius, a talent that only right-brain thinkers are inclined to possess and left-brain thinkers find challenging to conceive. But what if we were told that these are simply inherited misconceptions, that in fact, creativity is a universal gift we can all share when given the proper tools and knowledge to leverage a new way of approaching professional innovation. . .It's all in the brain. .  .well - at least that's what Jonah thoroughly explains in his latest book, Imagine. I recently listened to his NPR interview on the subject and took a few notes. 

I wonder what Jonah would say about my scribbles below...How do I think? 

+ My scribbles written while listening to NPR interview embedded above. 
+ Jonah Lehrer info borrowed from the upcoming C2-MTL conference site, here.
+ Image of young Bob Dylan borrowed from unknown source.
+ Image of young Jonah Lehrer borrowed from his website, here. 

Topic No.1: Innovative Conferences, Cosmo THIS!

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