16 August 2011

a RUMI brunch...

I love to brunch on weekends and Montréal offers a plethora of choices.  
This past weekend my beau-père treated Mark and me to a delicious Middle Eastern brunch at Rumi, located in Montréal's picturesque Outremont neighborhood.  I had the assiette du levant (plate from the east or Mediterranean Plate) which included: Lebanese cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, olives, mint, home made assorted jams, naan, and black tea.  My husband ordered the NAJI, which was an omelette with Sujuk (Turkish sausage). We shared both dishes and it was the perfect combo. 
I've also heard amazing comments about their second location on Boulevard St-Laurentwhich offers take out and deliveryRumi Grill and Café.  
I can't wait to check it out.  NOTE: Rumi's philosophy = traditional cooking + local produce from Québec!  


danica said...

oh my! this looks like my sort of place.

Vivi said...

Danica, when you come to Montreal, we'll do brunch!

katie said...

gorgeous blog! thanks for the comment.
love your header.....we were just at the 'lab' this weekend.