31 December 2010

au revoir 2010

I have been very busy (too busy to write, oops!) this month and so I decided to share with you a few pictures I managed to take here and there...a montage of my December...in Montréal. 

Mermaid Skin by artist, Geneviève Bouchard from the current exhibit at the Biosphere, ONE | Outfits from a New EraThis exhibit is beautiful, I promise to share more pics from my visit soon.  For this piece, the artist used 97 salmon skins, 300 meters of fishing line, 40 mussel shells.

(top) Temporary holiday snack shack at Parc Lahaie located at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Laurent and St. Joseph in Montréal where several local musicians played, Christmas trees were sold and family activities took place during the month of December.
(bottom) Santa's green "shipping" container set up at the corner of Wellington and De l'Église in the City of Verdun.  It was set up as a stage for Christmas carolers and Santa pictures. I applaud the creativity!

(top left) Christmas Tree Shopping on Boulevard St. Denis. (top right) Angel: exterior decoration on Montréal's Notre-Dame Basilica. (bottom right) Sign from Parc Lahaie. (bottom Left) My red winter Sorel boots.

(top) Bar at Caffè in Gamba in Montréal, the only place in town (that I have found so far) where one can get a decent expresso, (bottom) Plaza currenty under construction across the street from the Notre-Dame Basilica.

(top) detail of my Christmas Tree: my Don Quijote metal sculpture made in Zacatecas, Mexico as my "Joseph" and one of my felt Vivi Dolls as my Mary and a blessed baby Jesus given to me by my mother...and other little friends given to me as gifts through the years.  (bottom) Wrapping with the Financial Times...present for my belle-mère.  Don't you just love the card?  I love finding unique cards for the people I love.

(top left) Presents for my lovely husband: Dec. 24th's Financial Times....and a fabulous card with a 1971 Alexander Girard graphic printed by LogomDesign. (top right) Me...at an interior architecture event drinking squash soup. (bottom) Christmas Tree picture emailed to me by my friends, Omar and Lizbeth, currently living in Mexico City.  

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