21 September 2010

eclectically fourTEEN

...Tavi Gevinson, my recent favorite find from Canada's fashion television channel.  
She started her fashion blog, 'style rookie' at age 11 and has a ridiculous following.  Just start reading it and you will fall in love with her youthfully-mature spirit.  Whether she is taken seriously by the fashion world is beyond the point...she brought joy to my life this week and that is all I care about...delightful discovery! 

I gathered the photos below from her blog and other random google finds.    
Check out her Vimeo videos here...she is just too hysterically adorable.

She is the youngest addition to my 'Phenomenal Women' pinterest collection. 


K said...

I love her too and she was in last weeks New Yorker. xo

Evita said...

I'm smitten!