10 May 2010

Calatrava collaborates with NYC ballet...

...for the 2010 Spring Season! 
It is the Spanish architect's first scenic design project!
You can experience Santiago Calatrava's creations in these new ballets:

Benjamin Millepied, Why am I not where you are (April 29; May 26, 27; June 3) 
Christopher Wheeldon, Estancia (May 29; June 1, 4, 6, 11)
Melissa Barak, Call Me Ben (June 5, 9, 13, 24)   
Mauro Bigonzetti, Who Cares (June 10, 18, 19)
Peter Martins, Master in Chief of NYC Ballet, ballet title unknown (June 22, 23, 26)

Yet another reason to proclaim, I love New York City! I hope I can make it to atleast one of these performances. Interdisciplinary inspiration is exactly what I need. Check out the official site HERE.   

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